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Your daily life

Do you think that it is sufficient to properly master the operation of our refrigerated trucks to carry out the profession of driver at STEF? 

Regardless of your area of activity, you represent our company wherever you take products. You are the link between STEF and our customers, whether they are producers, restaurateurs, grocers, or supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Being assigned to a branch, you do not need to travel long distances, so you can go home in the evening and balance your professional and private life.

What sets you apart? First of all, your interpersonal skills, because you establish a close relationship with our customers. Next, your ability to deliver high-quality service, because your business also includes a commercial dimension. Through you, the client perceives the quality of our services and the professionalism exercised in all our jobs. It is to you that they say “Thank you, I am satisfied with STEF services”. 

In short, you are our ambassador. And because we are always looking to satisfy our customers, we train you to manage all types of situations so that you can deal with them effectively. 

If you are experienced and have teaching strengths, you can move on to become a driving instructor. In this role, you will support the integration of drivers and regularly assess their professional knowledge. You will become their driving referent. A bit like a godfather/godmother. A three-day training course provided by STEF teams will allow you to acquire the fundamentals of the position. 

Who are you? 

Are you already a lorry driver? We will support you in the refrigerated transport specialisation with a personalised integration programme.

If you do not have a heavy goods vehicle licence but if you have a B licence and are customer-oriented and independent, we will support you up to the professional title of road driver. A great opportunity to retrain, or to join the workforce.

Your personal strengths: very good relationships, a keen eye for customer service, enthusiasm.

Your career path

You can move up to Monitor, Operator...

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