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Joining a key player in the food industry

Committed to serving the food industry

Would you like to join a dynamic company that brings meaning to your job? STEF offers you the opportunity to contribute to our mission, working within supportive, performance-driven teams.
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Being part of a meaningful mission

Every day, our 22,000 employees work at the heart of the food industry in seven European countries. Their mission? Working together to meet the just-in-time challenge. They achieve this thanks to their professionalism and team spirit. Storage in a controlled environment, packaging, predicting shortages, preparation of orders, product traceability etc., it requires a great deal of discipline for our staff to handle a significant part of the food products we consume in France in our logistics warehouses and transport platforms.

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In this demanding environment, everyone likes to excel and take initiatives, driven by the combined strength of the group and the desire to satisfy our customers more and more. This energy is essential. It feeds the enthusiasm that allows us to achieve high levels of performance on a daily basis and turn our challenges into mutual successes.

In the belief that our employees are the driving force behind our efficiency, we value the commitment of each and every one of them, through an employee shareholding scheme bringing together more than 12,000 employees in France.

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Developing within a responsible company

With a CSR policy dating back more than 15 years, the STEF Group is committed to harmonious development with its employees, its environment and society at large. At STEF, we understand that this responsible approach is an important driver for strengthening our economic performance.

The safety, health and development of our employees are at the forefront of our priorities. That is why we develop a number of initiatives for them: risk prevention, new equipment better adapted to cold temperatures, systems fostering work-life balance and more.

Furthermore, we have defined three priority commitments in area of equal opportunities

  • professional equality between men and women, 
  • the professional integration of young people, 
  • the employment of people with disabilities.

STEF also demonstrates its solidarity with the most vulnerable by supporting various food aid and professional integration associations.
Our active environmental policy has allowed us to reduce our CO2 emissions by 20% in five years and to train all our drivers in eco-driving starting back in 2009.

Do you want to invest in a professional experience that gives meaning to your professional life? Discover our job offers, there is definitely one that meets your expectations.

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