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Disability policy: STEF signs its 6th company agreement

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STEF unanimously signs the sixth agreement in favour of the insertion and maintenance of disabled workers in employment. This agreement covers the period 2022/2024 and is in line with previous company agreements since 2006.

Our commitment to the employment of disabled workers

In France, 12 million people are disabled*. Convinced that people should be at the heart of its activities, the STEF Group has long been mobilised and in 2007 created the Mission Handicap, responsible for informing, raising awareness and coordinating its disability policy.

This commitment is reflected today in the signature of a sixth agreement in favour of the integration and retention of disabled workers. Through this new agreement, STEF confirms its desire to actively contribute to equal rights and opportunities. Within the Group, the indicators show that the integration of disabled employees is a strong axis of STEF's policy, and the actions carried out have shown a constant progression.

The Group's employment policy is guided by a fundamental principle: to integrate disabled workers beyond the simple legal obligations. STEF's employment policy is guided by a fundamental principle: to integrate disabled workers beyond the mere legal obligations. Through the axes that structure this new agreement, STEF wishes to support its employees by being as close as possible to their needs.

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Key figures for disability for the period 2019-2021

What are the challenges for this 6th agreement?

This 6th agreement focuses on five main objectives:

  • Maintaining employees with disabilities in employment; 
  • Supporting disabled employees through practical and financial measures; 
  • Recruiting disabled employees; 
  • Integrating new disabled employees; 
  • Raising awareness of disability among employees throughout the year. 


* Source : INSEE 2016