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Packaging: a key element in the agri-food value chain

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Essential to the enhancement of products on the shelf, packaging is a strong commercial lever. Rediscover this essential display strategy.
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Co-manufacturing and co-packing: differentiating advantages for food products

Co-manufacturing is the operation of packaging a still naked product. This service therefore requires perfect hygiene and health safety conditions. This is why it generally takes place in "grey rooms" or "clean rooms", according to particularly demanding procedures that are often subject to specific certifications.  

Co-packing consists of assembling already packaged products. This service is at the heart of the seasonal marketing or promotional strategies of manufacturers. It takes place on their production site, in a dedicated warehouse or on their storage site, but always at an appropriate temperature. This activity enables food industry players to promote their products at the point of sale. 

Packaging is thus a real commercial lever. It is an essential part of display strategies and is a source of visibility and differentiation in stores.

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Un savoir-faire et des équipements spécifiques

From shrink wrapping to boxing, sleeving, X-folding or cartoning, whatever the technology involved, the marketing challenge is high and requires a high level of expertise.

Calling on an experienced professional to carry out these services can sometimes be judicious, in particular for :

  • save space in production,
  • Reduce the size of the series for more customization,
  • Delay differentiation, as close as possible to the sales order and stock,
  • implement operations that require special, even specific, know-how.

A collaboration established upstream of the process, from the design of the packaging, enables the technical experts to propose a system that ensures an optimal level of quality but also to gain in competitiveness.

From the simplest and most pragmatic operation to the most complete automated solution, the research and design departments are therefore valuable allies in the development and implementation of product lighting projects.

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STEF, a reinforced expertise in co-packing and co-manufacturing

STEF has around twenty food packaging sites across Europe, for temperate, fresh and frozen dry products. Since 2019, the Group has asserted the strategic interest of packaging for its customers by making it one of its core businesses on a par with flow management and warehousing. Today, STEF is able to offer all its European customers all the technologies required for industrial-level packaging in its warehouses or on its expert site.

Dyad, a subsidiary of STEF, has more than 120 employees and four temperature-controlled sites equipped with 35 production lines and the most modern machines on the market. Its design office, made up of a dozen specialists, contributes its expertise to the analysis of needs for co-packing and co-manufacturing projects. Dyad has over 20 years' experience in contract packaging and is recognised as a flexible, adaptable, ingenious and pragmatic player. Today, it has become the Group's centre of operational excellence in terms of packaging. 

From the design of packaging to the implementation of production lines, including performance monitoring, thinking about the packaging of tomorrow and training expert teams, Dyad supports the projects of all STEF's customers.  

To find out more about our ability to support your packaging project, contact us.

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