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Our engineering department

Improving your supply chain through engineering

Our engineering department, staffed with engineers and project managers, adds another dimension to our operational solutions. The office studies your supply chain projects and improves your performance in France and across Europe.
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Supporting your growth

The engineering department analyses all aspects of your supply chain and proposes innovative solutions backed by high-performance tools. It will guide you through the process of improving your logistics organisation, with a focus on managing flows using network design tools and choosing the facilities best suited to your needs

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Supply Chain program

The Supply Chain Program: building a true partnership

Our Supply Chain Program, which grew out of the close-knit relationship between our customers and teams, helps you optimise your logistics chain

We draw on our expertise to work with you to identify your every need and jointly develop projects with a structural impact, which boost operational and business performance, improve the quality of your supply chain and reduce your impact on the environment

Learn about how we partnered with Bel to optimise their supply chain across Europe. 

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