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Our 4PL solutions

Camions STEF

A single logistics partner for your entire value chain

We help you manage your restaurant chain with comprehensive logistics coordination covering every aspect of your business. 

We manage the supply of your food and non-food products, including drinks and packaging, as well as super-fresh products with short shelf lives managed via just-in-time processes. Our teams maintain direct contact with your suppliers for optimal management and monitoring of your business. 

To aid with your planning, we provide access to a purpose-built website for online order processing and real-time inventory management. We also help you prepare for menu changes and promotional campaigns

Do you have a network of franchises? Our teams also cover the invoicing and trading of your goods, along with inventory carrying costs. 

Would you like to outsource your supply chain
with a 4PL solution?

Protecting and enhancing your products through our expertise in packaging

How does your business stand to benefit?

Picto entrepot

Customer service specific to each brand

Picto code barre

Assigned logistics coordinators

Picto bureau d'étude

Implementation of safety protocols

Picto service client

Delivery process audits

Boost your performance with the 4 PL turnkey solution