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Our industrial wall-to-wall packaging solutions

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Stand out from the crowd with packaging that packs a punch

We help you package your products and connect you with the expertise of our subsidiary Dyad. Dyad is proficient in all packaging technologies and has been recognised for its flexibility, agility and ingenuity for over 20 years. Dyad is also a very socially conscious company, with disabled employees accounting for 55% of its workforce. 

Our teams work with you to meet all your requirements: protecting the quality of your ingredients, conditions of use and storage, and the application of labelling required by law.

If your business is highly seasonal, we also take into account fluctuations in sales and the management of promotional formats, as well as your delayed differentiation needs. 

And we’re well aware that environmental considerations are a key priority for you, which is why our design office will help you join the packaging revolution

Would you like to optimise your supply chain through packaging services?

Discover our co-manufacturing and co-packing technologies

Our packaging solutions protect and enhance your products

How does your business stand to benefit?

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Wide range of packaging

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Additional services
(inbound/outbound, weight checks, labelling, etc.)

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Dyad Solutions design office

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Specialised consulting service

Would you like to drive performance through packaging solutions tailored to your business?