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Our refrigerated transport solutions in France

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Would you like to gain a foothold in new markets?

Our transport solutions are designed to meet your food products’ very specific requirements in everything from temperature and fragility to shelf life and more. Every step of the way, we ensure reliable transport conditions within your temperature range to protect the integrity of your products. We deliver to any recipient anywhere in France in 24-48 hours, no matter whether it’s a single package or a full truck. 

We make management easy for you: you can track your shipments in real time using our specialised online services. 

And to support your efforts to fight climate change, we work with you to minimise the carbon footprint of your shipments and provide you with tracking tools. 

Would you like to ship your products anywhere in France in 24-48 hours?

Transport in France: our solutions tailored to your needs

We offer efficient, streamlined transport of goods via consolidated and bulk options for inbound and outbound shipments. Our cross-docking platforms also play a vital role in speeding up transport.

We provide you with tools to track your positions in real time with ease.

The Transport+ solution

STEF developed the Transport + for the delivery of your frozen, chilled (excl. seafood) and ambient products, with two options: DAILYFOOD for retailers, and DAILYSUPPLY for logistics platforms.  

Delivery to logistics platforms

Guaranteed delivery time frame based on the product category. 

Learn more about DAILYSUPPLY 

Delivery to retailers

Three delivery time frames: 

  • Same day 
  • Before 11 am 
  • At a set time (+/- 1 hour) determined in advance 

Learn more about DAILYFOOD 


Our transport network in France

With our dense, multi-temperature transport network, there’s always a STEF platform near your production sites and warehouses. We ship products 6 days a week throughout France in 24-48 hours, from 9,000 pick-up points to 100,000 delivery points.

Find the site closest to you

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Expertise that meets your needs

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From a single package to a full truck

Picto massification

Bulk shipping throughout France

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Track and trace with online dashboard

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Digitised documents

Picto logistique

Integrated transport and logistics at a single site

Picto IA

Use of artificial intelligence to optimise transport plans

Would you like to leverage your transport network to ramp up growth?