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DAILYFOOD, delivering to retailers

Sending goods to a small independent restaurant or an organic grocery store? To a butcher or a wine merchant? To a corner shop or a company canteen?
We aim to adapt to each business' pace and habits, depending on your clients' specificities, constraints, geographical location and human resources.
Solution transport + STEF

Time commitments defined beforehand

We came up with the DAILYFOOD concept so each of your customers could organise their day better and receive their fresh, frozen, tempered or ambient produce according to their actual needs.

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Depending on the requests for refrigerated transport, various options can be offered: Ad Valorem insurance guaranteeing compensation for goods for the value declared, additional delivery services, etc.

Plan de transport - Camion STEF sur la route

More choice from Monday to Saturday

For more flexibility in delivery days throughout France, our Transport Plan for fresh produce has been strengthened:

More frequent deliveries to towns counting over 100,000 inhabitants: 6 days a week, and 5 to 6 days a week in large urban areas

More distributions to all 35,000 towns and villages in France: minimum 2 non-consecutive distributions per week.

A dedicated digital portal

As your customers need to save time on red tape and better anticipate the arrival of goods, we provide a consignee portal - granting free and paperless access to all delivery documents.

And for senders, we created a dedicated digital portal to optimise performance every step of the way: enhanced visibility regarding transport and delivery activities for all controlled temperature produce, more transparency throughout the entire process, and the ability to react in real time if a problem arises.

Easier :
Paperless transport slips
  • Online module for placing orders
  • Electronic signature during delivery
  • Proof of delivery and delivery slips accessible in real-time
  • Possible integration into your Information Systems
More transparent
More transparent :
Order follow-up thanks to Track & Trace
  • Statutes available from pick-up, throughout conveyance and up to final delivery
  • Information about the delivery: compliant or non-compliant
  • Multi-criteria search: delivery date, recipient, temperature
More responsive
More responsive :
Module for sharing information with your customer
  • Real-time information in the event of an abnormality or dispute
  • Shared delivery slip
  • Quicker management of delivery issues
More visibility
More visibility :
Dynamic dashboard including performance indicators
  • Transport budget in €K (breakdown between fresh, frozen and dry produce) 
  • Tonnes delivered
  • Number of positions with and without abnormalities
  • Service quality (compliance, damaged produce, missing goods, refusal due to wrong temperature) 
  • Punctuality
  • Carbon footprint (expressed in tonnes of CO²)
Would you like to gain a competitive edge through flexible, pinpoint deliveries?