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DAILYSUPPLY, delivering to Logistical Platforms

Do you have fresh, frozen, tempered and ambient-temperature produce to deliver?
Regardless of the type of refrigerated transport you need, delivery times to distribution platforms or wholesalers depend entirely on the kind of produce at hand: meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, dairy products, etc.
Solution transport + STEF

We elaborated the DAILYSUPPLY service to meet the requirements set out by the world of mass retail. This makes for enhanced traceability when transporting food products, more transparency in terms of processes, and more punctuality when it comes to deliveries.

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A dedicated digital portal

By committing from the very beginning to a time slot for each product category - available from Sunday evening to Saturday - the DAILYSUPPLY solution sets the framework for better transport relations, thus ensuring more safety upon arrival.

You may also subscribe to certain options to secure your goods, such as an Ad Valorem insurance policy - guaranteeing that your produce will be reimbursed based on their declared value - as well as other delivery services.

Guaranteed time slots

Discover our new digital portal, ensuring more transparency in terms of transport activities and more visibility when it comes to deliveries - meaning you can react in real time if an issue arises. You can therefore save on insurance, and meet the mass retail sector’s expectations. All stakeholders will be granted access to a paperless version of the delivery documents.

Easier :
Digital versions of your transport documents
  • Paperless transport orders and digital proof of delivery
  • Integratable into your Information Systems
+ De transparence
More transparent :
Order follow-up with Track & Trace
  • Follow up on your goods, from pick-up to conveyance and final delivery
  • Delivery status: compliant or non-compliant
  • Multi-criteria search: delivery date, temperature, recipient
More responsive
More responsive :
Information sharing module between sender and consignee
  • Information available in real time in the event of an abnormality or dispute
  • Faster management of delivery issues
  • Shared access to the delivery slip
More visibility
More visibility :
Performance indicators dashboard
  • Punctuality
  • Transport budget in €K (breakdown between fresh, frozen and dry produce)
  • Number of positions with and without abnormalities
  • Tonnes delivered
  • Carbon footprint (expressed in tonnes of CO²)
  • Service quality (compliance, damaged produce, missing goods, refusal due to wrong temperature)
Would you like to gain a competitive edge by streamlining and optimising your deliveries to logistics platforms?