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Our commitments to society

STEF maintains a strong local presence and works to promote economic and social development in all the regions where it operates. We have over 170 sites in France, which create new jobs, and we form partnerships in all nearby population centres. We are also committed to fostering our employees’ professional development.

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Recruiting, training and cultivating a love of learning

The efficacy and quality of our services are dependent on the capabilities of our teams. We focus on training and helping all our employees advance in their career, while ensuring their safety, health and fulfilment in the workplace.  

STEF strives to help its employees grow—no matter their background or position—by keeping pace with changes to our professions and enabling our employees to make strides—for themselves and our clients.

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Fostering diversity and equal opportunities

Fostering a corporate culture that respects all forms of diversity, both visible and invisible, involves creating a work environment in which employees feel comfortable and have the chance to grow. Gender equality, the inclusion of disabled employees and the integration of young people are three priorities for which we have established proactive policies.

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Helping young people find pathways to employment

Young people hold the future in their hands. Our commitment to youth is a matter of educational responsibility for the company—we are joining in the collective effort to help improve their outlook. We have been working to provide pathways to employment for young people since 2016, and every year we expand our initiatives at schools and at our sites.  

For the past few years, we have been forming partnerships with associations to reach young people experiencing academic difficulties:  NQT (nos quartiers ont des talents)Sport dans la ville and the EPIDE (établissement pour l’insertion dans l’emploi)Tremplin Handicap. These partnerships have set in motion other rewarding collaborations resulting in new hires, such as the positive outcomes achieved through PAQTE (Le Pacte avec les Quartiers pour Toutes les Entreprises [Neighbourhood Pact for All Enterprises]), a national initiative to promote employment in disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Les restos du cœur

Sharing our expertise

We have partnered with the hunger-fighting charity Restaurants du Coeur since 2010. And because the goal is to improve society as a whole, throughout the year we go above and beyond providing logistics support. We develop skills mentoring programmes to help their teams manage transport and logistics while ensuring food safety. We also provide them with access to the training in social law that the Group organises for our subsidiary directors. In addition, we offer traineeships to food assistance recipients as part of our job-based integration schemes.

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