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Chilled product manufacturers

Transport et logistique de produits frais

Need a reliable, flexible partner for your chilled product logistics?

We protect the quality and safety of your products throughout the logistics chain. Our expertise in chilled goods enables us to store and transport your products while protecting their integrity

We pick up and distribute your products on a daily basis. We deliver to any recipient anywhere in France, no matter whether it’s a single package or a full truck: retailers, restaurants, shops, and more. We guarantee delivery times tailored to each type of recipient, based on their needs.   

We also offer extensive expertise in inventory management, order preparation and packaging.  

And we help you leverage your supply chain to limit the impact of your business on the environment by co-developing action plans to minimise your carbon footprint.

Our logistics solutions for your chilled products

Our expertise spans the entire logistics chain, providing you with full service, from storage to order preparation, packaging and transport. We harness the power of bulk and consolidated shipments to optimise your logistics while maintaining an optimal level of quality. And because it’s vital for you to keep an eye on your products, we provide you with customer service and digital solutions that give you a real-time view of your activity.

Would you like to optimise your supply chain through solutions tailored to your business?

Our network and facilities

The dense coverage of our specialised network enables us to store your products near your production hubs and to quickly dispatch them to your customers, manufacturers, distributors or shops.

Dispositif STEF produits frais

Expertise that meets your needs

Picto température

Pick-up from and delivery to every single municipality in France

Picto portail client

Delivery to 100,000 recipients

Picto bureau d'étude

Engineering department to co-develop your solutions

Picto entrepôt

Flexible, agile solutions to fluctuations in volume

Picto call center

Online client portal with real-time information

Picto digital

TMS connected to your management tools and the STEF WMS connected to SAP

Boost your business with a more efficient supply chain!