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Dry and ambient product manufacturers

Robot entrepôt STEF

Are your products fragile? We’ll handle them with the utmost care!

We provide you with optimal transport and logistics conditions to protect the integrity of your products while they’re in our hands. We deliver to any recipient anywhere in France, no matter whether it’s a single package or a full truck: supermarkets, restaurants, shops and more. 

You can rely on our extensive expertise in inventory management, order preparation and packaging. And because your sector is subject to substantial seasonal fluctuations, we also take into account variations in sales and help you handle peak periods.  

For peace of mind, you can track your shipments in real time using our specialised online services.  

We’re well aware that climate change is a key priority for you, which is why we offer to monitor the carbon footprint of your supply chain and work with you to reduce it. 

Our transport, logistics and packaging solutions for your temperature-sensitive products

As specialists in temperature-sensitive (15°C to 18°C) and dry products, we are proficient in the entire logistics chain, from storage to order preparation, packaging and transport. And because each of your products is unique, we adjust our temperatures based on their characteristics.


Would you like to optimise your supply chain through solutions tailored to your specific needs?

Our network and facilities

Our transport network connects our specialised logistics centres across France and Europe


Expertise that meets your needs

Picto securite

Flexible space and secure storage

Picto entrepot

High-density warehouses with an innovative design

Picto température

Ambient or controlled temperature at between 15°C and 18°C

Picto portail client

Online client portal with real-time information

Picto ERP

Flow engineering and a collaborative solution for your ERP

Picto digital

WMS connected to your management tools

Are you seeking a specialist in dry and temperature-sensitive products?