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Logistics and food transport e-merchants

We're moving faster with you!

Do you have booming online sales and need to kick your logistics into high gear to keep up with demand for your food products?

STEF offers you a suite of e-commerce solutions that can be rolled out quickly to extend your lead in your market. Our offering covers every eventuality.

And we’re now going a step further with e Food Logistics, a fulfilment solution unlike any other on the market, which functions in tandem with our existing transport and contract logistics services.

Préparation de commande pour le Drive

A fulfilment solution in a class of its own

e-Food Logistics is made for you. It’s a comprehensive, triple-temperature (chilled, frozen and ambient) transport and logistics solution designed with your e-commerce needs in mind, whether you’re a pure player or an agrifood manufacturer. 

We handle everything! You entrust us with your inventory, and we prepare your orders and delivery them to all destinations throughout France

Our advantages

  • turnkey support every step of the way 
  • up and running in less than a month 
  • scalable to keep up with your growth 
  • a dedicated site ideally located south of Paris 
Discover e-Food Logistics
Préparation de commande automatisée

A contract logistics solution

Your business requires a dedicated warehouse and custom processes. We adapt to fit your needs: 

  • Triple-temperature storage 
  • Preparation by sales unit 
  • Mechanical, semi-mechanical and manual solutions 
  • Interfacing with your information systems and/or use of the STEF IS 
  • Ability to absorb fluctuations in volume 

Leading retailers have recognised our expertise for over a decade. We now operate seven dedicated hubs for e-commerce food businesses in France. 

Opt for a pioneer in e-commerce logistics for food!

We have been developing new services and building and operating dedicated hubs for online food businesses for over 15 years. We now offer a broad range of services to cover all your needs.

Picto camion

Multi-temperature transport to all types of recipients

Picto bureau entrepot

Storage & preparation
of customer orders

Picto back office

Information systems that can be interfaced with your
e-commerce software

Picto colis

Value-added services such as custom labelling

Would you like to ramp up your e-commerce business with a turnkey solution?