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Logistics for the food service industry

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Restaurant chains, STEF is by your side

Let us handle relations and follow-up with suppliers, as well as the supply and distribution of your food and non-food products. To aid with your planning, we provide you with access to a purpose-built website for online order processing and real-time inventory management

Would you like to offer your customers new menus? We work with you to anticipate seasonal variations such as menu changes and promotional campaigns

Our teams are also on hand to help coordinate your franchise network. Our teams handle the invoicing and trading of your goods and inventory carrying. If you have a highly developed network, we can help you set up multi-country centralisation and coordinate at European level. 

From supplier to restaurant: our end-to-end solutions

Our IFS-certified triple-temperature logistics centres can complete single deliveries spanning the entire range of temperatures, all at once.

Our solutions give you complete control over your supply chain via a single supplier.


Make your supply chain a growth driver for your restaurant chain!

Our network and facilities

Our specialised network has dense coverage, so we’re always on your suppliers’ doorstep, ready to quickly dispatch products to your restaurants.

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Expertise that meets your needs

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A single order, a single delivery, a single invoice

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Reverse logistics system

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The advantage of the STEF network: national and international coverage

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Delivery six days a week

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Regulatory intelligence

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Support in achieving a more sustainable supply chain

Improve your foodservice quality through more efficient logistics!